4 Things Determining The Future Of Your Relationship

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We all know that communication is and will always play a very important role in building and strengthening any given relationships. 

When in a relationship, ideally, you should be able to talk about anything with your lover.

Through the way you communicate with your partner, you can tell the strength of your relationship. If you find you are on bad terms with her/him and you don’t talk about it;  it is a sign that your relationship is heading nowhere. 

Here is a list of topics you should discuss with your partner before ending the relationship:

1. The direction of your relationship

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In a relationship, both of you must always be ready and willing to discuss the future of that relationship. 

Discussing openly your feelings and emotions helps the relationship grow. This is what really defines a relationship from a fling.

2. Financial situations

Many find this issue sensitive, but as sensitive as it might be, you must talk about it with your partner. 

3. Your views on marriage

This is of the things that you must discuss before getting deep into any relationship. Will you both get married someday? Does only one of you want to get married? 

Don’t invest your money, time and energy in a relationship only to be disappointed just because you avoided the topic.

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4. Kids and family planning

This is similar to the marriage issue, where you both need to discuss the possibility of having kids in future. You don’t want to be a father or mother because your partner wants it; let it be a mutual decision.

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