5 Reasons Why Fights Are Good For Relationships

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Fights are bad for a relationship and again fights are good for a relationship. Unhealthy fights are toxic to a relationship but healthy fights are good for a relationship. 

Boxing your spouse is an example of an unhealthy fight and this is highly discouraged in a relationship. Healthy fights are like arguments, throwing words, exposing what’s on the inside of you using words. Below are some of the reasons why healthy fights are good for a relationship;

Strengthens the relationship and improves trust.

It is after fights that lovers always feel more love and compassion for each other. You become stronger than ever after every fight. These constructive fights that occur within boundaries allow emotional expressions while avoiding abuse strengthens the bond. Understanding will only emerge after fights just like the sky becomes clear after a storm. 

Feeling of relieve.

Couples take advantage of fights to let free their emotional jam. It is during fights that you will hear what you’ve never heard from your spouse. After fights you will feel free, relieved; like a heavy load has been removed from your shoulder. Keeping emotions bottled up in your mind makes you rigid and tied up. Use fights to let out all that you have in your mind and leave your mind free for more positive things.

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You get to know each other more

When you fully express yourself during fights then your partner will get to understand your feelings towards the subject you are fighting about. Speaking quietly about what you don’t like will only make your partner think that you don’t mean it that much but when you adjust the volume and tone they will get to know that you really mean what you say. 

Fights increase intimacy.

Fights are important for intimacy. It is after fights that most women would want a post-fight make-up sex. The post-fight make up sex is so much key in boosting intimacy in your relationship. Apart from sex, fighting can be a growth process in which your self-understanding, and understanding of your partner increases.

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Fighting is human.

Fighting lets your partner know that you are not a robot. It demonstrates that you are human and no human is as perfect as an angel. It shows that sometimes you are in a bad mood, are stressed out and you just need a possible action to let go the stress and get into a new mood. Fights boost moods.

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