5 Things You Need To Consider If You Want To Continue Your Relationship After Your Partner Cheated

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When someone you love dearly cheats, it hurts so bad and it’s really not a nice experience. Some don’t tolerate cheating and walk out of the relationship if they discover their partner is a cheat while some forgive and try to work it through. Just before you decide to continue your relationship with your cheating partner, there are certain things which should be considered.


Before you continue a relationship with a partner that cheated, it’s important you demand full transparency from your partner. If your partner is reluctant to grant you full transparency, continuing that relationship isn’t worth it. A cheat who is really sorry about cheating would grant you full transparency even access to his or her social media platforms if you ask for it.

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A cheat who is sincerely sorry should be ready to be honest. So before you continue that relationship with your cheating partner, your partner should answer every question you ask him or her honestly. If your cheating partner isn’t ready to answer your questions honestly, walk away from that relationship.


I am against involving friends when trying to resolve problems of infidelity in a relationship. If you need friends to help you decide whether to forgive and continue that relationship, it’s best you just walk away. Involving a third-party might also cause a friction between you and the third-party or your partner and the third-party.


If a cheating partner is defensive and tries to pass the blame for cheating on you, I suggest you walk away because that partner would still cheat in future. A partner who can’t take responsibility for his or her cheating ways isn’t worth continuing a relationship with after infidelity.

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If you decide to continue a relationship after your partner cheated, it’s important you love your partner like he or she never cheated. You have to be ready not to refer to the cheating incident whenever you are angry with your partner.

Cheating can destroy the foundation of any relationship and choosing to stay together after your partner cheated is a huge decision that shouldn’t be rushed into.

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