America Breaks Silence Over Boko Haram Execution Of Aid Workers

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The United States Government has condemned the executions of aid workers by Boko Haram.

The US noted that the situation in Nigeria was deteriorating.

The deceased, five males, were shot at close range after one of the insurgents gave a speech deriding humanitarian organisations.

They were working for Action Against Hunger, International Rescue Committee, Rich International and Borno State Emergency Management Agency.

The US Mission in Nigerian, in a statement on Thursday, expressed grief over the murders.

It read: “We are deeply saddened by the execution of five humanitarian workers by terrorists in Northeast Nigeria. This comes against a backdrop of deteriorating conditions for millions of Nigerians.”

America said the brave individuals dedicated their lives to easing human suffering.

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“We hope that their families and colleagues can take comfort in their selfless sacrifices on behalf of others. We will remember their dedication to others”, the statement added.

The United Nations (UN), in its reaction, stressed that the workers devoted their lives to helping vulnerable people and communities affected by violence.

The UN recalled that they were abducted while travelling in a route connecting the northern town of Monguno with Maiduguri, the Borno State capital.

“Their safety and securing their safe release have been our highest priority since they were captured last month”, said UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, Edward Kallon.

The official lamented that it was not the first killing of kidnapped aid workers.

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Kallon said he was troubled by the number of illegal vehicular checkpoints set up by non-state armed groups along supply routes.

“These checkpoints disrupt the delivery of life-saving assistance and heighten the risks for civilians of being abducted, killed or injured, with aid workers increasingly being singled out.

“We have repeatedly called for such devastating fate and blatant violation of international humanitarian law to never happen again.”

The UN implored all armed parties to stop targeting aid workers and civilians.

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5 thoughts on “America Breaks Silence Over Boko Haram Execution Of Aid Workers

  1. If America is concern abaut what happened then we are very happy for their concern,what remin for us is to take action

  2. This was hw these heartless boko haram are killing people mercilessly as if they killed goats,Buhari will hear nd know bt will do nothing, d military had been making Sweet talk nd deciving Nigerians, everyday they killed dis,they killed dat,Shekawu will surrender. Nothing happened, whenever the insurgents were caught,the Buhari Govt nd military will be making dilly-dallying cajoling Nigerians,arresting them,put them in jail later released them instd of wiping nd wastd them as they did to human souls.One qeustion came to my mind,can the millitary rule dis Country nd allow boko haram nd herdsmen killing people,millitary nd police like this? One day,one day the Lord will quench them like thurn of fire IJN.

  3. I know that the weapon use by these wicked and heartless devils called Boko Haram were not manufactured in Nigeria. So the manufacturers has a deadly deal with the sponsors from Nigeria, hence the international community are not marching action with their words. The leaders of this country ought to face ICC. Please UNO and AU, Ecowas, Ocean of innocent blood is flowing in Nigeria non stop. Help Help, please Help

  4. Yes,,i see no reason arresting any boko haram fighter.arrest them for what? Put them in our prison yards and use our meager resources to carter fo them?anyway,,i do not blame the government rather,,i blame the men on field whose blood are been spill always by the jihadist and the same men will arrest snd hand them over to those on power.small time they are rehablitated and return them back to the society they deverstated.may God help us

  5. Majority of our leaders, military leaders and notherners want Islamic state, they are just pretending, there is a great division that is why they job becomes difficult for Nigeria army.Or let better divide the country since ibo still want to go. If they really want to end this problem of boko, those one they caught and those that surrender, why not getting information from them, who sponsor them, where there leaders based and other vital information. And even put them forward to fight for Nigeria

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