Ondo 2020: Tinubu Speaks On Supporting Akeredolu’s Ambition

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Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, National Leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), said on Wednesday that, contrary to reports, he was not opposed to the re-election bid of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State but wished him well in his aspirations.

In a refutation statement made available to newsmentitled, ‘Re: Ondo Guber Poll May Lead To Crisis In South-West APC’, signed by Tunde Rahman, his media aide, Tinubu also said he had no anointed can­didate in Ondo governorship election, and that he was not seeking to influence the out­come of the primary sched­uled to hold on July 20.

According to the former Lagos State governor, all he desired was a free, fair, and credible primary that “is run according to the dictates of in­ternal democracy and devoid of bias for or against any can­didate”.

He added: “In the matter of the Ondo governorship race, Asiwaju Tinubu has stated his impartiality. As a leader of the party, he has no favoured or disfavoured candidate in the race. Neither is he trying to influence matters behind the scene in any regard.

“His hope is that all credi­ble and strong party members who seek the nomination will be able to face each other in a fair contest. Let them compete for the party’s banner open­ly and without imbalance or slant in the contest.

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“Whoever reaches the fin­ish line before the others shall be the nominee of the party for the elections later this year. Asiwaju will gladly and actively stand by the party’s candidate to win the general election.

“It is at that point that you will see Asiwaju in strong ac­tion in support of a candidate. When you see him in action, there shall be no mistake as to what his objectives are. The APC candidate will have a for­midable ally at his side.

“Thus, the suggestion giv­en by the report that Asiwaju has a favourite candidate is a fabrication of great falsity.

“Thus, he will not roil if a candidate is disqualified, provided that the disqualifica­tion is based on a non-biased examination of the factual record.

“Interestingly, the party’s Screening Committee led by Alhaji Tumsa has not official­ly stated that it has disquali­fied any aspirant. If any aspi­rant is disqualified, however, such an aspirant has the right of appeal.”

Speaking further, Tinubu said he wishes Governor Ak­eredolu well and he believes the governor should be given the opportunity to present his scorecard to party members who would then determine if they wanted him to continue in office or not.

While saying primaries promote competition of ideas and programmes, Tinubu added that a primary should not be seen as a form of dis­respect to incumbent gover­nors.

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“Those who try to pit Asi­waju Tinubu against Gover­nor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu should also cease their fable rousing. Asiwaju holds good will towards Governor Ak­eredolu.

“He believes the governor should have the opportunity to set out his record and re­sume before party members and let them determine if the governor or another one of our able candidates is the person they prefer to lead the state.

“One would expect the gov­ernor to have a solid chance in the primaries. Yet, along with the governor, the party has the benefit of numerous capable candidates seeking the nomination.

“Too many people incor­rectly see a strong field of can­didates as something wrong. They do not understand de­mocracy and are thus behind the times. Allowing those who feel the civic duty free space to run for office strengthens the party and our overall de­mocracy.

“There should be com­petition of ideas and pro­grammes. Such competition brings vitality. This does not connote disrespect to the in­cumbent. It merely exalts the democratic ideal.

“In the end, Asiwaju is for the party and the candidate chosen by the party, who that will be, the primary will tell us,” the statement read.

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  1. I hope the fifth wailers will now have their tension calmed. About their hate for jagaban, I only wish they repent because the man will always triumph over them.

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