Want A Lasting Relationship? Don’t Date These 4 Types Of Guys

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Why are you always dating the wrong men? Why are you attracting only “red flags”?

Have you asked yourself which similar traits link these guys? Well, you should! This will save you from heartbreaks and unnecessary embarrassments. I have compiled 4 types of characters that you should not date at all cost:

1. That guy who tells you he loves you way too fast!

After going out on a few dates, this type of guy will tell you he wants to stay with you forever. This is a red flag: this guy is living a fantasy. Do some research about them before committing yourself. 

2. The guy who is always jealous and controlling 

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You can’t spot this type of red flag immediately, it requires time to see it. This type of guy will cut you off from your friends and even family. You will be controlled and asked where you were all day and so on. This is an insecure guy.

3. The one who is continuously broke

I am not asking you to be materialistic, but be careful. When you first met this guy, he was paying all bills in fancy restaurants to give you a false feeling of financial security but he has no money! In fact, he is the one who is interested in you. Very soon, he will start asking you for money and appear to be emotionally distant. Be careful not to be left bankrupt. 

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4. The egocentric guy who always think about himself

These types of guys will never let you speak, they will always talk endlthinks and it will always be “me”, “me”, “me” nothing else. This egocentrism will be even noticed everywhere, not just with you: like in a restaurant, he will be very rude to the waiters who are serving you.

Finally, every time you date someone new, do not speed up the relationship to avoid heartbreak. 

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