3 Reasons To Keep Your Relationship Status Secret

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Some people find it hard to keep secrets. 

They are ever updating their friends about their relationships. 

It can be a good idea not to tell every Tom and Harry you are dating so and so. 

Here are three good reasons to keep your relationship status a secret:

1. Avoid unwanted invitations

 It is common to find messages in your inbox if you declare you are single. 

Most people often assume you are desperate. 

Never create room for desperation if you want to be happy. 

Instead, keep it low for the sake of your happiness.

2. Avoid interference

 Many people can interfere with your relationship.

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These people feel happy when you tell them all is not well. 

They will keep asking you useless questions about your private life.

3. Eases pressure

 Social media is not the best platform to share anything about your private life. 

Many people will want to make your relationship fail. 

The pressure that comes from friends and other people on social media can push you to make bad decisions.  

While on social media, you will find friends who are married while others are planning to walk down the aisle. 

You might be tempted to marry before your right time, or with the wrong person because of the pressure from friends.

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