The Revolution They Don’t Want, They Are Calling For… By Adegbeyeni Oluwafemi (Barryfem)

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Revolution they say is a political upheaval in a government or nation state characterized by great change.
The removal and replacement of a government.
It is also a sudden, vast change in a situation, a discipline, or the way of thinking and behaving.

A common saying is that “if we speak, we die. If we don’t speak we die. Why not speak and die?”
It is pertinent to speak especially when the government of the day is killing the people with unfortunate policies and decisions.

Of a truth, the people in  power hate to hear about revolution but what would you have people you have pushed to the wall helplessly do? Revolution!

Starting from the scratch, the mention of the town Idanre would make any stranger to quickly mention the hills and of course, Idanre hill is a world attraction where people from all races of life visit.
Without any iota of doubt, the ones in control of this hill make much money Everytime without any return to the people of the town. I was there with my friends from other towns when we climbed the hill after paying the arranged fees.
When we got there, we saw little or no development.
Same thing when we got to the palace of the king, the sons of the soil in power were blamed for the look of the palace.

As unfortunate as it is, most of the leaders and politicians from Idanre begged to get elected and after that they took to their heels to stay in Abuja or somewhere else.
The students and youth are used during election and abandoned after it. We heard a pot-bellied God-father ruined the students association in Idanre and left it tattered and as we speak, the National Association of Idanre Students is nothing to write home about.

The senator, representative and honourables are watching and the youth are living inglorious lives.

Now, it is election time, I saw in a clip the first time that one of our honourable is vibrant, agitating with his strength that deputy Governor should not be impeached. I laughed.
The streets of Idanre are not developed, no human development and everything is still as before.
We need not spend whole time on Idanre before we move to the scenario in Ondo state. But it is good if our representatives will start to act like the sons of the soil to develop our causes.

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We are in the sunshine state! Ondo state is supposed to be a glorious state but its development has been detained in the prison of politics.

Starting from the embarrassing policies and politics in this state, the masses suffered greatly just because they paid for what they did now owe. From education sector to others, fees were increased and people paid through sweats.
Yes! Ondo election is coming and  Alagbaka has been turned to a drama house.  Our government is majorly concerned about the impeachment of the deputy and second term bid more than the development of the state.
As it stands with the government of the day, the people have no say over election.
When the people heard that a party opted for indirect primary in Ondo  state, most of them were not happy as it is a another avenue for hungry and greedy delegates to make money from the aspirants and vote for the wrong mandate.

It is not a surprise though, when the government of Kogi used it and got second term despite poor performance in the first term.
There is nothing encouraging in Ondo state and the students/youth are snoring.
A despicable one is when one Mr Emmanuel started calling the leader of local associations in all the 18 local governments to invite them to join a forum he formed for a re-election bid as a students support group! Too bad.
Funny enough, Mr Emmanuel would get fat amount of money from the government and give out recharge cards token to the people following him foolishly.
While the political drama continues, we sincerely hope the people are going to learn and do the right thing when election comes! Beware! they are coming with part(token) of the money they scrapped from your heads to give you on election day.

Nigeria has been acclaimed to be the giant of Africa but this giant is already clueless.
Right from how to develop this nation, to the fighting of Covid’19 (1) which is corruption and the pandemic.
It was yesterday the minister of Education spoke that Students will no longer sit for WAEC till further notice due to coronavirus pandemic. But is not laughable that some states in Nigeria are planning election and there is no move to stop them.*
Here, we have unqualified heads that value power more than the people. Is Education important to this government? A big No!
We heard that Magu(EFCC boss) the appointed saint is now being prosecuted for looting billions! and he was suspended by the President. How I wish His Excellency would look more for the people in his cabinet that are corrupt and show them the way.
As at now, I’m sad to tell you that Corruption is still alive in Nigeria, Hale and hearty.
The loopsided appointment of more people from a tribe is the biggest form of corruption so to say.
The sheer rigging of election is the greatest form of corruption.
Is there anything working in Nigeria? Absolutely No!


Lastly, there is a big need to point out the foolishness of the world and the confusion of the super powers.
Using the United State of America and China as examples, these nations are wrestling for power. Who is going to dominate among them?
Coronavirus virus sprang from China but is the nation humble enough to admit. People are dieing in the United State and the President is busy with campaign of calumny for his re-election bid.

Now, is politics not a curse on humanity?
When they sit on power, the poor masses find it difficult to breathe.

They don’t want revolution but they are calling for it!

The revolution they don’t want, they are calling for.

The people should rise up, speak up and demand for their rights. Enough is enough!!!

©Comr. Adegbeyeni Oluwafemi (BARRYFEM)
A student activist and a unionist.

Author: Kolade OloladeMultiple Award Winning Blogger:: Content Provider :: Graphics Designer :: Social Media Manager :: PR :: Human Resource Enthusiast

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