3 Signs You’re Confusing Lust With Love

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Most people confuse love and lust. It is normal to think that you have fallen in love with someone only to realise it was lust. 

It is important not to confuse your sexual attraction towards someone with true love. 

If you want to determine whether it is lust or true love, then read on. 

Here are three signs you’re confusing lust with love:

1. You are driven by sexual desires

 Do you just want to have sex with him or her? 

The drive to have sex with him or her could be an indicator that you are only lusting for him or her. 

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True love is not driven by the desire to sleep with him or her. 

If you cannot stop thinking about sex every time you are together, then you do not love them.

2. You only meet casually

 Someone who truly loves you creates time to be with you. 

If you are only meeting on a casual basis, then know that there is no love between the two of you.  

True lovers

often find time to share memories.

3. You never talk about future plans

True lovers talk about the plans they have about their future. 

If you never discuss anything about your future together, then you are not sure of your feelings. 

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Someone who loves you will always talk about his or her future plans with you.

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