5 Signs You Are Afraid And Not Ready For Love

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Love is a gift beyond compare. It feels great to be loved. However, not everyone wants love. If you belong in this group, it is time to think twice. There are chances you are afraid of loving or being loved.  Here are 5 signs you’re afraid of love.

1. You enjoy being solo

 Many people don’t want to be loved because they love being solo. You are afraid that your partner will take up your space. You prefer doing things on your own and can’t imagine involving him in your plans.

2. You’re nervous he’ll leave you

 The fear of rejection can affect our relationships in different ways. Women fear that men are only out there to use and dump them. You will not find love if you live with fear.

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3. You feel men can’t be trusted

There is this notion that men will always cheat on women. Trust issues can make a woman think twice. You feel he is only there for some time but spends most of the time with someone else.

4. You don’t feel lovable

 Some women have a low sense of self-esteem. These women feel that they cannot be loved.  They are afraid of opening their hearts for the sake of love. They prefer living a single life than dating.

5. You fear loving him and not get love in return

There are expectations in life. Women fear loving someone and not get love in return. When you love someone, you expect to get the love back. This, however, is not always the case in real life. 

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