Why Love Can Hurt

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Love is the best feeling that anybody would wish to experience.

Love makes most people change by becoming better and aspiring for more in life.

This wonderful feeling makes one see the good out of bad situations. However, sometimes love can turn out to be ruthless.

Getting hurt by your partner is not always an individual choice but rather something that just happens.

No matter how hard you avoid getting hurt when in love, sometimes you just find yourself in that situation.

But why does this happen? Here are three reasons why love sometimes hurts.

1. We feel hurt when we are not loved back

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Loving someone who doesn’t love you back hurts.

In this case, it becomes difficult for one to express their feelings simply because they won’t receive the same in return.

2. We tend to expectations when in love

When getting into a relationship, we all expect our partners to do certain things to make us happy.

Sometimes we may have too many expectations and when our partners fail to fulfil them, we end up feeling betrayed and hurt.

3. We feel hurt when we do not feel the comfort from our significant other

When one is in a relationship, they expect to receive comfort from their better half especially when going through certain challenges. 

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However, one can feel hurt when their partner is not around to provide that comfort.

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