FG Speaks On Reopening Of Tertiary Institutions

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National Coordinator of PTF, Dr. Sani Aliyu, in a radio interview, said the PTF was, at the moment, concerned with measures that would flatten the curve and contain community transmission.

“We know that schools, together with restaurants, bars and other entrainment activities could encourage community transmission of the dreaded coronavirus, hence the reason we were not in hurry to reopen them.

“However, we have taken pragmatic measures to ensure we do not lose a whole year in terms of primary to secondary school transition, hence the president’s approval for schools to reopen so that exiting students could return to school and write their examinations some of which are regional.

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“Summarily, there is no plan to reopen tertiary institutions until we get to the top of the numbers and also see clearly that we are making significant progress in terms of flattening the curve.”

On Monday, PTF announced some modifications to the phase two of the ease of lockdown as earlier approved by President, Muhammadu Buhari.

Chairman of PTF, Boss Mustapha, said at the daily briefing that the president approved that schools should be reopen for Primary six, JSS 3 and SS3 students.

In addition, he said the president equally approved the lifting of the ban on inter-state travels while maintaining the curfew time which starts from 10pm to 4am.

8 thoughts on “FG Speaks On Reopening Of Tertiary Institutions

  1. Tertiary should be left behind because there are some students who are well talent in scietific research that may found some solution to treat covid 19. They do not have opportunity to uper class look for so way out. So FG should consider that

  2. I stand on the grand of Asuu since Nigeria use vivid too political on a serious note university system is collapsing.

  3. The FG should re open school for high institutions it is unfortunate that students are allowed to stay at home doing nothing there by cursing damage to their medulla there by decreasing the speed of their the organs. FG are just parents who ought to understand the fact not all of them are educated to know the pains there, BUHARI is not educated and his so called committee. Thanks

  4. Well, it okey but I can say PTF should never allow ncdc staff to supervise those senior sections at every level bcos very soon we will start receiving new confirm case from sch!!!! pMB I wonder why a whole nation is been control by a single sector,what we are expecting from FG is to give out accurate protocols to prevent the virus not lockdown any more,well PMB is really trying but political propagandas are after his image sabotation,PTF should pls wake up from the sun just less then 2y to keep ur image from the masses.

  5. Whats the difference? When primary and secondary schools can resume, then why can’t we adult resume? We will maintain the precautions more than the primary schools because we are adults. Asuu should better open our schools because some of us are already giving up on education.

  6. Our leaders brain are so demented that they can’t think and reason well. How can they reopen secondary and primary schools and leave the tertiary institutions unopen? Between the children of this primary and secondary school and the adult of tertiary institutions who can adhere to the social distance protocol? This is the main reason me need youthful leaders because our old leaders all have demented brains.

  7. Our politician are not thinking of our features because all this politician children’s are outside our country that is y the open airports so their children can flight back to outside country for their study we that our parents are not having money that we are schooling in Nigeria. Please government should look eyes into this matter of reopening of schools please we beg our government

  8. I think government is using us, I Know that covig 19 is real but why is it that where corona virus was found, they’ve start all their academic activities and other things I can’t say, but here in our country our government don dey use covig 19 as business issue everyday onpon all the money you people have realize on this virus stuff you are still prospone the resumption date.But I was just surprise on how you people discovered covig 19 people in night wey be say all people for don sleep, we come dey see what you said you discovered at the night time wey people dey sleep, you no fill discovered them at a day time na for only night dem dey do am for. So also we come dey see all wat you said you Don discovered say today we discovered 624 patient that has contact virus 2morow 543 this and that, govt una weldone.

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