3 Things You Must Get Rid Of Before Falling In Love

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You should never rush into falling in love with someone; love takes time.

You need to be prepared before declaring your love for someone. 

Many women and men often regret falling in love because of poor decisions.

Here are things you need to get rid of before you fall in love with someone new in life:

1. Feeling of unpreparedness

You have to get rid of the fear of loving someone before you enter any relationship.

The fear is likely to make you reluctant to do some things in your love life. 

You must have an open mind before you fall for someone new in life. 

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Do not assume some things because they can end up frustrating your love life.

2. Trust issues

Do you feel like you cannot trust someone? 

Trust is among the pillars of a strong relationship. 

You must be prepared to trust your new lover if you want to make things work for you. 

Trust issues can bring down your love life in a matter of days.

3. Indecisiveness

Decision making is crucial in any relationship. 

There some critical decisions you must make when you start dating someone. 

A poor decision maker finds it hard to make a relationship work. 

You must be ready to solve different conflicts in your relationship before you agree to date him or her. 

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A good decision maker tends to be a better partner in the relationship.

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