Signs Your Partner Is Giving Up On The Relationship

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When in love, it is good that you get to understand your partner. You have to know when they are having their best days and their worst. You do not have to be a liability and an emotional baggage they cannot carry. Always evaluate and figure out ways of making sure everything is okay.

Your partner may lose interest in you and decide to walk away. However, because of the things you may have had together and the little ‘respect’ remaining, they may not tell you for the fear of hurting you. All in all, they will have their hearts set on leaving you. But how do you get to know time is running out? Well, here are the signs.

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1. They do not go out of their way to see you anymore

You may have been having the best times together. They used to sacrifice a lot of their time just to see you. All they did was hugely dependent on you. In some way though, you will find that all that seems to be heading south. They do not see you and do not even want to create that possibility. If there shall be any sign that it is not well, this is it.

2. Prevent you from meeting their friends

It is quite normal that you get to know their friends and get to meet them whenever possible. If they start preventing you from meeting them despite that being a possibility, your replacement is already lined up or has already taken your place.

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3. You feel they are different when with you

You may talk on the phone or text. All will look well. But when you meet, it will seem like they are a new human being altogether. This is just an indication that they have time for you on the phone but not in real life. You probably do not matter anymore.

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