Nigerians React To Buhari’s Nationwide Broadcast On Democracy Day

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Some Nigerians have criticised President Muhammadu Buhari’s nationwide broadcast.

Buhari, in celebration of Democracy Day, made a nationwide broadcast to Nigerians where he reeled out his achievements.

The President, in his broadcast highlighted projects being implemented and promised to put an end to Killings and insecurities especially in Borno and Katsina States.

However, Buhari’s broadcast has been met with criticisms from Nigerians who took to their Twitter page to share their grievances.

Here are some comments from Twitter:

@AndyOrji “If you can’t ask Buhari questions and he answers, that’s robot . Let him interact with journalists so that real and clear questions would be thrown to him. E.g- electricity is evidently worst compared to when you resumed leadership since 5 years ago. What can you say about it sir?

@UnoEgo “There is nothing good to celebrate about Democracy because we are still in military regime. If you call this thing democracy then you are insulting other countries that are practicing a true democracy. Go to other countries and learn what democracy is all about.”

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@IfeanyoGeorge “I actually do not blame Buhari at all considering his age, and the kind of people that brought him into office. I was fooled by all his campaign promises. the change the promised us was that of Failure. follow me and I’ll follow back ASAP. NO JOKES.”

@Ighodey “Buhari should announce his resignation for ineptitude.”

@NigerianYouth16 “The meaning of ‘address ‘ is actually falling apart. Please when will this Buhari really address the nation and stop giving announcements? So all these people actually think that this is addressing.”

@ClassicDilla “A pre-recorded speech captioned LIVE. The man doesn’t even know the meaning of half the things he’s reading. Dem just give am paper make he read. He’s just a face, an ornamental president.”

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@Adewolegafar “No light to watch Mr President speech after 21 years of uninterrupted democracy.Almighty Allah is waiting for us.”

@Oluchiekeayan “President reading out what he is done or achieved in his democracy day live broadcast? Haba! Democracy is all about rule of rule,equity etc.

@Sskwito “Why does it sound as if we keep hearing the same thing over and over again, Creating Job for 700000 youth in what sector?? The government should try and fix Electricity and see if there won’t be transformation. They don’t need to create jobs, just create the enabling environment.”

@Lynusmezie “Well said Buhari but still no changes. All the changes are in the quality of your speeches no physical changes.”

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