Two Types Of Friends Who Can Ruin Your Relationship

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Good buddies will always be there to support you when the going gets tough. 

Actually, gaining the trust of  your friend(s) is not bad but it depends on how much you trust them. If  you are not vigilant enough, friends can cost you in your relationship.

Friends shouldn’t be trust at some point. You might think he/she is the best but they are lethal to your relationship.

You should be on the lookout and be careful with envious friends who try find ways of ruining your relationship.

Here are two type of friends who can ruin your relationship.

Platonic friends: These are type of friends who knows you inward out than anyone else. We tend to seek advice from them because we believe they are the best counsellors.  

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They will always advice you on what is best and bad for you. They will also go to an extent of advising you on matters about your relationship . 

At times they will be like ‘you know what dude, I don’t want you to go through what l have experienced when dating such partner’.

Because you trust in him/her so much at long last you might abandon your ‘sweetheart’ just because he/she told you that she/he doesn’t deserve you.

Advises are way of mentoring somebody but never allow him/her to intervene much in your relationship because they will end up  advising you incorrectly.

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Clingy friends: Such friends stick on you like glue. They want to accompany you wherever you go, they are always around you. 

People in relationship  need to be alone but such friends will always be there hence barring you from  having good time with your sweetheart. 

Stay away from such friends. In a relationship, one way of building strong bonds is by having good time with your partner. If you keep on giving them your attention  than your sweetheart  then you are ruining your relationship.

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