3 Relationship Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

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When there is no trust in a relationship, it is a clear indication of an imminent breakup.

Every relationship must experience ups and down in one way or the other.

The problem with most couples is that they don’t know how to differentiate between small bumps which might be leading them to a fruitful moment and bumps that are leading them into a bigger ditch.

Couples should handle relationship problems carefully to avoid having regrets later in life.

Here are some of the relationship troubles every couple should take note of.

1. You’ve stopped fighting

If you used to fight and challenge each other at the start of the relationship, that shows how strong your relationship was.

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However, if you realise that you no longer have heated debates or argue about the things you care about, then this could be a sign that one of the partners has stopped investing in the relationship.

2. Your major values differ

At the start of a relationship, it is normal for couples to have different views. For some couples, their views begin to align as time goes by. 

However, if you differ on all your major values, the relationship is bound to fail. For instance, if your partner never wants to have kids yet you plan to be a parent sometime in the future, the relationship won’t last for long. 

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3. You don’t trust each other

A good relationship is built on trust.

When there is no trust in a relationship, couples should not take this lightly as it is a clear indication of an imminent breakup.

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