5 Signs You Are Sabotaging Your Relationship

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Sometimes partners sabotage their relationships without knowing.

In the long run, when the relationship is over, one is left wondering what went wrong yet all seemed well. What they don’t know is that their actions drove their significant other away.

Here are some of the things you do that sabotage your relationship

1. Making everything about yourself

A relationship is about two people. Your needs are not more important than the needs of your partner. Do not make everything about you and leave your partner out. It also extends to arguments. Don’t see yourself as infallible.

2. Your arguments are not only focused on the negative but also about winning

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It is common for partners to blow up a mistake one did, blurring a million things the other partner has done for them in the past. You not only forget about the good things especially when arguing, but also focus on winning the argument at all costs.

3. Overdramatizing everything

There are instances where couples separate because one of the partners pressed the middle of the toothpaste tube rather than the end. Such small things among many others should not ruin your relationship.

4. You put other people and things before your relationship

Do not put other people before your partner. Do not put your career before your partner. Strive to find a balance between the things and people that matter to you and your partner. If bae does not get his or her time, chances are they are going to leave.

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5. You expect too much from your partner

At some point in the relationship, bae gets tired if you expect so much from them. Your partner had a life before they met you, and you had yours. Do not make them a source of your happiness. Do not suffocate them with your needs.

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